Monthly Archives: June 2015

23 Jun

Get Up! Get Going!

  Break the shellFor it’s just a veilCome out of your hidden zoneWith strength, character and confident toneThey will pull you backBut don’t go off track Have clarity of visionThen no hindrance in missionIt’s simple as thatYou aspire, you getHave courage to fight Because that’s your rightGod has showed the rayIn his own special wayYou

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03 Jun

Addictive to Addictions

“All my friends smoke”‘No! It’s not addiction, I know when to stop! I will do it when i want!”“You serious! I have left it 4-5 times in past i can do it now”“Now come on I don’t smoke when I am sad or upset I do it casually” “Nah! It’s not habit, it’s like I

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02 Jun

Marriage: – A tag for safety or a bond for lifetime

The term was coined by very close friend of mine “highly married”, when asked what it was all about, she gave a convincing logic. “Reena! You don’t know what happens is at my work place, I keep meeting man of all age who tries to get close on some pretext or the other. So to

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