Monthly Archives: August 2015

24 Aug

Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship means spending both, time together and time alone, says Benjamin Hoff!The wisdom of ‘You must love yourself first before you can truly love another or have another love you’. Might sound like a cliché, but there is great deal of truth in it. It you run after a relationship with another rather than

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22 Aug

Jealousy- A threat to self and Others

A Jealous person has an inferiority complex of mammoth dimensions but they give the impression of being a very self confident person. BEWARE!!!! There are two sets of rules in their philosophy Rules for themselves Second set for others These individuals are often bright, sophisticated, schooled and beautiful. They are capable and outstanding in many

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19 Aug

Communion with Conscience

Again the beautiful sun sets and I am standing on my terrace, gazing at this yellowish orange blanket which is protecting me from all sides. The sun has set with the assurance that the moon would come. The time between this coming and going leaves many unanswered questions. Will moon come? Will it show me

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