Monthly Archives: November 2018

21 Nov

Jealous Coworker or Dog eat Dog work place: Check Out!

Jealousy is one of the worst trait one can have. It destroys not only the person it is targeted at but also the one who is jealous. It make the environment negative and hampers the work culture. We spend majority of our time at our work places. What happens there, usually we take it with

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03 Nov

Closure In Relationship: Why! What! How!

  Closure is in your hands’, ‘Closure lies in your mind’. ‘Forget them, Forgive Them’. We have been hearing this every now and then. I see most of my clients coming and telling me, ‘I knowclosure lies within me, he/she has moved on, I can’t I just can’t’. Does closure lie in our hand? The

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