About Dr. Reena Bhansali

Dr. Reena Bhansali Ph.D by Degree and Counseling Psychologist by Profession. Director of Smilejunction Pvt. Ltd. and Official Counselling Psychologist Schools and Hospitals. Also heading HR and Training department in Vasundhara Hospital & Fertility Research Centre.

  • St Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan Jodhpur
  • Central Academy Pal Branch Jodhpur
  • Delhi Public School, Jodhpur
  • Vasundhara Hospital and Fertility Research Centre Jodhpur
  • Indian Air Force Jodhpur (32 SMC)
  • Veerni Girls Hostel

Area of Interest:

  1. Youth Issues (Stress, Depressions, Aggressions, Suicidal Ideations Relationships, Career Confusions)
  2. Addictions (Alcohol, Smoking, Internet etc)
  3. Pre Marital, Marital and Relationship Issues
  4. Infertile Couple Counselling
  5. Psychological Issues.


  1. American Psychological Association (9170-1190)
  2. International Association of Holistic Psychology (JA09AMF005)
  3. Indian Association of Applied Psychology(No: 1274)
  4. Indian Association of School Psychology (Regd.No: 583/2009)
  5. National Academy of Psychology (20100051)
  6. Indian Menopause Society


  1. Ph. D: Topic:- Emotional Problems amongst Adolescents in relation to their Sex Role Orientation, Emotional Maturity, and Familial factors
  2. Certificate Course on Women, Law and Gender Justice. J.N.V University Secured A+ Grade
  3. Diploma in Criminal Psychology IHMH Trippur
  4. M.Sc (H.Sc):- Human Development J.N.V. University, Jodhpur.
  5. B.Sc (H.Sc) from J.N.V.Univesity, Jodhpur,
  6. Diploma in Psychological Counseling I.H.C.A Chennai.
  7. French Certificate Course J.N.V. University, Jodhpur

Awards and Scholarships:

  1. National Scholarship from Ministry of Human Resource Development Dept. of Education, India 1996
  2. National Scholarship from Directorate College of Education Jaipur, 1999
  3. 44th position in X Board Rajasthan
  4. 1st Position in XII (St. Patricks, VidyaBhawans ,Jodhpur) from Arts
  5. Gold Medal in B.Sc (H.Sc)
  6. 2nd Position in M.Sc (H.Sc)
  7. Appreciation award by President AFWWA 2008-09
  8. Worked as Research Assistant in study involving Women’s Human right cases by Columbia University and The London School of economics and Political Science by Dr.TamaraRelis (Ph.D,Barrister)(2007-2008)
  9. Awarded as Bhaskar Women of the Year -2015 for contribution in field of Youth and Child Care
  10. Awarded as Women Pride Award from  Jodhpur Chapter of ICSI on 8th March 2015

Research /Article Published:

  1. Emerging Sex Role Orientation in relation to Ordinal Position of Adolescents
  2. A western Rajasthan study – The Home Science Association of India XXVI Biennial Conference December 2005 Paper Presentation
  3. Depression amongst Adolescent boys and girls of working and non-working mother. Perspective in Psychological Researches Vol 27-28- 2004-2005
  4. Emergence of sex role orientation in relation to ordinal position of Indian Adolescent: An overview. Indian Psychological Review Vol 66 No.2 Yr 2006
  5. Is Academic Anxiety Gender Specific:- A Comparative Study :-www.krepublishers.com.
  6. Emotional Problems in relation to Emotional Maturity level: A study on Adolescent Boys and Girls. Poster Presentation. Third International Congress on Women’s mental Health. Melbourne Australia. 17 – 20 march 2008 Poster
  7. Emotional Problems in Adolescence and Impact of Emotional Maturity Level and Sex Role Orientation: A Correlation Study: Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing Vol 2 Issue 1 March 2011
  8. Article published in Psyinsight on ‘ Failing Marriages: Truth unveiled’
  9. Emotional Problems Amongst Adolescent Girls: In relation to their Emotional maturity level: A Gender Study:  Centre for Women’s Studies . National Conference on Challenges of Women : In and Out of Home, Jai NarainVyas University  March 19 -20, 2012
  10. Article published in ‘Simply Jodhpur’ magazine on ‘Counsellor-A new Person in your teenagers life-Check out’

Conferences and Workshop as Faculty/Resource Person:

  • Relationship Counseling at AWWA, Taj Group Umaid Palace Jodhpur
  • Anaemia: A Psychological Aspect, Seminar conducted by Veerni Project
  • Each One Teach one at Konark For Army official ladies(AWWA)
  • Life style Change in Menopause women at Vasundhara Hospital
  • “Happy Menopause” at AFWWA
  • Stop Suicidal thoughts! At AFWWA
  • Marital Discord at AWWA Konark Auditorium
  • Career Counseling at AWWA
  • “Happy Parenting” at Vasundhara Hospital and Fertility Research Centre
  • PCOD a threat to womanhood at Vasundhara Hospital and Fertility Research Centre
  • Menopause and Lifestyle Modifications AWWA, Lioness Club, Rotary Club
  • Infertility, beyond what why’s and how’s at VHFRC
  • Sessions with FM (Meow 104.8 and Super FM) on Emotional Blackmailing, Possessiveness, Exam Phobia, Teenage Issues, marital Discords, Sexual Health
  • Violence Against Women conducted by Women Study Centre
  • Faculty at 8th National Conference of Indian Fertility Society on Infertility and assisted Reproductive Technologies 7-9 December 2012
  • Social and Emotional Problems of Youth conducted by Home Science Department J.N.V University.
  • Stress Management-  Training Program for Airforce Mentorship Programs
  • Master Trainer for the Entrepreneurship Development program conducted by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India by ICICI Rural Self Employment Training Institute – 24th April 2014 -5th May 2014
  • Ethical and Social Implication in Third Party Reproduction:- A Psychologist perspective- Yuva Isar:  Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction

Interactive Session as Resource Person at various Schools:

Teachers Sensitization Program:

  • Treating every child as an individual
  • ADHD in your class
  • A-Z Classroom Management
  • From Educating to Educaring
  • Praise not to demean, criticize not to wound
  • Understanding Teen Brain
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Let’s be a Super Teacher
  • Minimum Level of Learning
  • Life Skills
  • Understand Tweens
  • Understanding learning Disability
  • How to know what your students know
  • Work Life Balance
  • Handling Effective PTM
  • Stress Management

Parents Workshops:

  • Parenting Teens
  • Parents Child Interaction
  • Your Child, Our Responsibility, Nation’s Pride
  • Toddlers to teens
  • A peep in you child’s world
  • Nobody understands me: Your child’s plight
  • Growing up with your child
  • Parenting- An art
  • Newer trends in careers today- A guide for Parents
  • Understanding your child’s addictions
  • Stress management

Youth Programs:

  • Academic Anxiety
  • Understanding Teen Brain
  • Healthy Growing
  • Ask me
  • Quench your Queries
  • Aptitude testing and career counselling
  • Amazing world of Careers
  • Your body speaks before your mouth
  • EQ-The wonder Quality
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • The volcano in me
  • Filling the Generation Gap
  • Study Organization Methods
  • How to have effective group study

Workshops and Seminar Attended:

  • National Seminar on Child’s Mental Health – It’s Challenges. Conducted by Department of Home Science J.N .V university (28 Feb-1 March 2001)
  • Fifth International Management Convention on Roadmap for India Vision 2020 organized by Aravali Institute of Management.(9-11 January 2004)
  • Fifth National Conference of IAP Chapter on Growth Development and BehaviouralPaediatrics New Delhi (9-10 September 2006)
  • Invest in Health, build a safer future conducted by RajdadijiVeerni Project (21December 2007)
  • Women Empowerment through Education and Knowledge conducted by RajdadijiVeerni Project (13 March 2008)
  • Anaemia in women- A challenge toward good health conducted by RajdadijiVeerni Project (24 March 2009)
  • National Summit of School Principals on “Discipline – New Challenges” conducted by Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy (20 August 2009)
  • Workshop on Managing Exam Anxiety among School Student conducted by Psyindia Foundation and University Counseling and Guidance Centre, JamiaMilliaIslamia New Delhi (5 December 2009)
  • Workshop on Writing for Academic Psychology Journals: Editor- Author Interactions. Conducted by Asian Association of Social Psychology (15 December 2009) by Prof James Liu and Prof Yoshihisa Kashima.
  • Two days Workshop on REBT by Dr Anjali Joshi at Mumbai (27-28 March 2010)