Aptitude Test & Career Counselling

“I wish to do something different- Engineering No!!
I opted for medical but now I don’t think can cope up 

I never wanted to take this subject, but my parents forced me to! 
I am simply clueless what to do with my career, nothing excites me at all”

 Confusion! Confusions!  Everywhere! Does it sound common to you? To many it does! This is the best period for youth, period full of opportunities and technological advancements; a period where only a slight push  in the right direction could lead one to the pinnacle of success.

The best way to face up to career confusion is to identify your passion and aptitude. Something that really excites you and makes you feels convergent which should be the path for you to pursue. Your career is no pushover matter that you can leave to destiny. You need to act correctly and make the right decisions at the right time.

The best way to know about your career plans is to understand your Aptitude, Attitude, and Interest

  • Aptitude is what comes naturally to an individual or one’s special ability. This can be found out by taking authentic aptitude test by professional career counselor.
  • One needs to understand his/ her interest. One can take a cue from the activities one enjoys the most.
  • Talk, Interact and Assess: Try to gather as much information as possible about the various educational opportunities and choose one that conforms to your requirements. Try to collect information from different sources. Don’t simply get carried away by fancy advertisement. Talk to yourself, people around you, your parents and other informed person. Assess according to your needs, values and satisfaction level.

We cater Aptitude Test and chalk out Career Plan for the future generation keeping in mind their interest area and what’s best for them according to their skills. There are three tests available :

  1. Basic Aptitude Test
  2. Advanced Aptitude Test
  3. Personality Based Aptitude Test


Choose because you love that job or subject not because of prestige value. Do what you love and you’ll love what you do.