Awareness Workshops

Smile Junction holds an interactive session every Saturday of the month on varied topics which should interest people from all walks of life. There are few issues and stressors which get solved merely by interacting and opening up with each other.

The intention is to provide a platform and to encourage and assist people to speak openly without the fear or hesitation of being judged or confronted. At Smile Junction we cater to all the areas which might be bothering you in some way or the other and who knows the solution might be just a discussion away!

Gear up ! And get yourself enrolled on topic of your choice!

Smart Parenting

  • Happy Parenting
  • Teen to Toddlers
  • Growing up with your child
  • Parenting Teen – A simply difficult task


  • Relationship with self and people around
  • Is your marriage like Champagne
  • Why doesn’t he understand and why doesn’t she stop nagging
  • Break up shouldn’t break you

Happy Youth

  • Understanding Teen Brain
  • Amazing world of Careers
  • The volcano in me
  • Coping Addictions and distractions

Corporate Entrants

  • Your body speaks before your mouth
  • Effective SWOT Analysis
  • Work Life Balance
  • How to love what you do and do what you love

Stress Management

  • Combat Stress with your guards
  • A Physical Emotional Synch


(These sessions does not include Personal Counseling Session)