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03 Nov

Closure In Relationship: Why! What! How!

  Closure is in your hands’, ‘Closure lies in your mind’. ‘Forget them, Forgive Them’. We have been hearing this every now and then. I see most of my clients coming and telling me, ‘I knowclosure lies within me, he/she has moved on, I can’t I just can’t’. Does closure lie in our hand? The

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13 Oct

Insecurities have too much of imaginations! Keep check!!

Insecurity is like human bomb; they destroy you to destroy others! Insecurity stems up when one has doubts on self, they need constant reassurance about self, their skills and their relationships. An insecure person would have a superior exterior with damaged interior. As Per Adler, people who feel inferior go about their days overcompensating through

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13 Apr

Space is good but being spaced out in love is not!!

Space is good but being spaced out in love is not!! Check out where your relationship is heading! When your care is interference. When they pick up fight on small small things. When you are not part of their routine When you fear communicating. When they don’t understand your stressors, instead be one of it.

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02 Aug

That thing called LOVE

Sitting in my chamber today I thought of flipping and reading all the cases I have handled so far, not that it was easy but the folder named ‘relationships’ made me curious. One of the colleague messaged me and asked, ‘Reena what is Love, he says he loves me but he makes me cry every

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28 Oct

Are you always walking on egg shells in your relationship

Do you relate to any of these :- • Your joy at finding love has turned into the fear of losing it. You will start feeling stressed at this point. Your feelings have gone from happiness and euphoria to anxiety, sadness and even desperation. (This is known as the “manipulative shift.”)• Your mood depends entirely

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24 Aug

Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship means spending both, time together and time alone, says Benjamin Hoff!The wisdom of ‘You must love yourself first before you can truly love another or have another love you’. Might sound like a cliché, but there is great deal of truth in it. It you run after a relationship with another rather than

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22 Aug

Jealousy- A threat to self and Others

A Jealous person has an inferiority complex of mammoth dimensions but they give the impression of being a very self confident person. BEWARE!!!! There are two sets of rules in their philosophy Rules for themselves Second set for others These individuals are often bright, sophisticated, schooled and beautiful. They are capable and outstanding in many

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19 Aug

Communion with Conscience

Again the beautiful sun sets and I am standing on my terrace, gazing at this yellowish orange blanket which is protecting me from all sides. The sun has set with the assurance that the moon would come. The time between this coming and going leaves many unanswered questions. Will moon come? Will it show me

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18 Jul

Failing Marriages..Truth Unveil

Writing an article about failing relationships in a culturally strong place like Sun City is a heart shattering moments for me too, but the way things are deteriorating my pen couldn’t stop. Whenever a couple come for marital counseling, I think, where are we heading towards, what are the cause and many such unanswered questions

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08 Jul

Seasonal Changes do effect relationships!

A year back one of my client who had come for relationship counseling asked me hesitantly, ‘Ma’am do seasons and weather affect relationships and behavior? I somehow feel I am always edgy and hyper in summers and calm composed but lazy in winters.’ There might be many scientific studies favoring this and opposing too but

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