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20 Jul

Suicide doesn’t kill people,Sadness does

 Anxiety! Sadness! Depression! To some these are words of discussion, to some they are merely words, to some they are words to mock but to some this is way of living. They live sadness, they are anxious and they gradually go into depression. Depression is a silent killer, less understood much hyped.  People have made

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02 Oct

The Web of Stress – Welcome to IT Industry

Project Planning, Deadlines, SRS, Stand ups, Client Calls, Onsite –Offsite Pressures, Bugs, Code Reviews, Appraisals, Promotions, Demotions, Training, Long working hours !!! The list goes on… Do they sound alarm in your head? Welcome to IT industry. Ones termed as high profile, fat pay check job is now creating havoc in young techies life.  Stress,

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