Clients Feedback

Mayank Maheshwari (Age 22 Years)

Talking to her is like Talking to an elder sister, you are sure to find a proper solution for your problem. Had consulted her for Issues and her counselling has always been very helpful. 🙂

And Smile Junction literally made me read books. I wish I had met you during School time.

Thanks for being there.

Rakshanda Vyas (Age 19 yrs)

Hey! Do you know who made me realise what my passion can be when I was confused in the wide array of career options? With no doubt it was smile junction. Hey! Do you know who turned out to be an emotional anchor when I needed someone to tell me what’s better for me? Again it was smile junction.

That’s why I never regret sharing my personal life with ma’am Reena because I know my privacy will be respected and my problem will get a solution otherwise which in turn would have taken my smile. All thanks to smile junction that I still know my happiness is important. It never felt as a customer when I was on that chair mainly due to the presence of the person sitting in front of me. Thank you smile junction and ma’am Reena for being always there when I was in need.

Yosha Mutha (Age 19 Yrs)

Smile junction is first place come to my mind when i m lost…A place where i can really be me and where my idol (Reena ma’am) is always there to help..

One might go there with confusion but will definitely come out with a smile on face.. I might not go regularly but still feel like i can go anytime.. library is the second best thing after ma’am and yes, i also miss meetings there… with no second thoughts it is the finest place to have best time when time is against you.. i wish all sucess to Smilejunction may it continues to bring smile on faces SMILE IN SMILEJUNCTION WAY

Shobhit Maheeshwari (Age 19 Yrs )

I have been in touch with Reena ma’am for almost 4 years now .. I have had career counselling as well as psychological counsellings. Smile junction has always been the best place and the last resort whenever I screw up things …. I have learned some great problem tackling techniques in both professional and emotional life ..

Mrs. Anita Vyas ( Age 44 Yrs )

Smile junction is a place that introduces smile on a persons face, from the hassles she has been facing,from all the torture her thoughts have been giving.A place where you get the best solutions for every query that your surroundings and thoughts have put you into. i had an experience to be with myself and the best of all to get the best moments with my son.there are no words to express the smile i got from SMILE JUNCTION.

THANKS and good wishes from us to spread more smiles around.

Jaideep Singh Bhati (Age 28 yrs )

Whenever u have the need to see a psychologist, its defnitely not the best time of ur life. a few years back, when life was going through a lot of twists and turns for me, when most of the things began to give me a completely negative vibe, without expecting to find a good counselor i had walked into your office. i never thought jodhpur was a place where counselling was considered for any reason. hence the hopelessness. you changed that belief for me. at the first session i am not sure what u did excpet listen to me, i spoke a lot, i remember. i hadn’t spoken to any one intelligent in a long long time at that point. u listened to me, that was a big help. through all my problems conversations with you led to find me my own solutions and that what a good counselor is all about. with ur dedication to work and unbiased understanding of the problems of your clients you help them infinitesmally. and in the small moments where you chip off their doubts and boost their morale, you help change their lifes towards a positive outlook. you did that for me. although i did the work, but u still guided me through the tough times, and for that i am really indebted to you. i would love to see u now, but i am through my tough times.

Thanks to you and from the guts of me, for listening patiently and understanding unbiasedly all the mess that i created for myself and then helping put that mess into an organized life, a big thank u.