Employee: Just a Resource or an Asset

Hey what’s your company’s attrition , we had 26% this year!

 Most of my time goes in hiring and exit formalities

 I guess few of them are planning to quit!

He might quit! I feel so!

She isn’t giving her best, does she have another offer in hand?

These millennials they leave so quickly!

The competitor gave a better package!

These are not just the nightmares for an HR but also the management. Why do people leave companies, They say , ‘People don’t leave companies they leave their managers’, Is it true?

Everywhere we see people leaving ; sometimes for higher packages, sometimes for designations, may be for brands, may be for personal reasons!

But then why do people leave good brands with high packages and designations? Why do they just walk off from some place where they have given their many years. There is so much to be explored and yet it has been such underrated topic.

Gone are the days where you can just expect an employee to come, sit, do 9am -5 pm job, take the salary and go home. Everything has changed, people spend most of their time in offices, work environment does effect they mental state, coworkers are not just they meet at work, they are now important part of their life. Professional and Personal lives are interwoven these days. Every day a new competition is evoked, a new skill set in market, a new expectation and lot depends on work culture and the team we have.

“Nobody wakes up one morning all of a sudden bored with their job, or feeling exhausted by endless hours,” says Stacey Engle, an executive vice president at leadership-development consultants Fierce. Rather, what she often sees in companies is that people quit “gradually, then suddenly. Someone’s frustration with their position builds up and builds up over time, until they’ve just had it.”  There might be several reasons, may be shifting with their spouses, career change, changes in their skills sets. These reasons are life events in the employee’s world outside of work, But, the majority of reasons why employees quit their job are under the control of the employer. 

  Why employees quit:

  1. Relationship with the higher up’s- If their ideas are always condemned or not given much importance or if they feel they are not being heard or valued.
  2. Being overlooked, ignored and unchallenged at work- Good employees don’t need pay and promotions only, they have choices. If you don’t care for them , they themselves will.
  3. They don’t have faith in their leaders/managers. It’s not only employers who evaluate the team, team also evaluate the manager.
  4. When they are exhausted and drained with routine.
  5. They are fed up with internal politics and always have to prove themselves.
  6. When they have ideas but the company is too hidebound to let them do.
  7. When they are underpaid and under assessed.
  8. They want to move up faster than your company’s structure, culture and policies.
  9. When they are not sure of the career path they have in the company.
  10. They want to work where they enjoy and feel challenged.
  11. If the company tolerate poor performance, they don’t feel need to compete or lose interest in achieving.
  12. Going back on commitments and being apathetic towards them.

What makes employee happy and productive:

  1. Keep them informed, be it good or bad
  2. Praise them, be appreciative
  3. Review them fairly and on tangible metrics
  4. Continually Challenge them
  5. Work Life Flexibility
  6. Instill sense of belongingness
  7. Invest in them
  8. Show them result of their work
  9. Be authentic and accessible
  10. Enable everyone to help in problem solving
  11. Inject fun at work place to have engaged employees
  12. Encourage risk taking, give them freedom and autonomy.

People matter, always remember companies are not built on ideas merely or profit and loss, companies work if the workforce are happy and productive. They are not just the resources, resources get depleted with time, they are an asset. Handle them, nurture them, groom them, invest in them, appreciate them and most importantly value them unbiased way.

Happy people don’t quit!!

Enjoy Working

Dr. Reena Bhansali(Ph.D)

Counseling Psychologist

H.R Consultant










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