Insecurities have too much of imaginations! Keep check!!

InsecurityInsecurity is like human bomb; they destroy you to destroy others! Insecurity stems up when one has doubts on self, they need constant reassurance about self, their skills and their relationships. An insecure person would have a superior exterior with damaged interior. As Per Adler, people who feel inferior go about their days overcompensating through what he called “striving for superiority.” The only way these inwardly uncertain people can feel happy is by making others decidedly unhappy. The insecure person tries to make you feel insecure yourself.
People at times mix up insecurity with love, to them fear of losing that person make them insecure and they behave in immature way. A confident person who is satisfied in other areas of his life would never damage the person he/she loves.
Insecurity is everywhere, in family, in friends, relationships and work!
Check out:
Superior exterior, Inferior interior:
  1. When you start to question your own self-worth, is it typically around a specific person or type of person?
  2. Is that individual always broadcasting his or her strengths and what they have done for you?
  3. The insecure person needs to showcase his or her accomplishments, quite often.
  4. The insecure person drops the “humble brag” far too often.
  5. These people often have an image to maintain and feel threat with everyone who they feel might be competition to them
  6. They love overpowering people by their designations and skills
  7. They constantly crave for attention and try to create mountain out of mole
  8. They would exaggerate more than average and yell and shout if things don’t go the way they want.
  9. They function more confidently when they are surrounded by less skilled people around them than the ones who are better than them in some areas.
  10. They are strong opinionated and have rigidity in approach.
11. They will be a bad loser when they lose.Even worse, they will be a bad winner when they win.
12. They will refuse to see the positive in those that intimidate them most.
13. They will always have to have the last word.
Inferior Exterior, Inferior Interior
The insecure person frequently complains that things aren’t good enough and would keep everyone busy with their sad stories and tales.

The moment they see, other people happy amongst themselves, their need to crave for attention doubles up. They would do things that will give them attention.

  1. Their life depends on appreciations and compliments from others.
  2. They hurt themselves to grab sympathy of others.
  3. They would always keep people hooked by their life events, most of which are an exaggeration of any situation.
  4. Overtly jealous with people around
  5. Over dependency on certain few
  6. Has emotional vulnerability
  7. They are psychologically weak.
  8. They function on instilling fear in others, oblige others or giving them guilt.
These emotional manipulators damage self and people around them. It’s time to help them out, it’s time to make yourself free of this web, it’s time to identify and refer.
Get up, gear up, if you feel your loved one is suffering from these traits refer them to professional.
Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself ~Kiesza
From the desk of
Dr Reena Bhansali
Counseling Psychologist
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