Jealous Coworker or Dog eat Dog work place: Check Out!

Jealousy is one of the worst trait one can have. It destroys not only the person it is targeted at but also the one who is jealous. It make the environment negative and hampers the work culture.

We spend majority of our time at our work places. What happens there, usually we take it with us, knowingly or unknowingly.  Jealous coworkers are threat not only to your mental peace and work but also to organization culture at large.  

 Expecting a complete ‘No Jealous Coworker’ is a myth but if the work place culture is to encourage ‘dog eat dog’ environment it is more dangerous.  Check out are your senior managers setting up for alliance and sustenance or hypercompetitive backstabbing?

Woody Allen had this great line in his play Central Park West. He said, “People don’t hate you for your weaknesses, they hate you for your strengths.”

Always remember success breeds success and unfortunately jealousy and insecurity.

Jealous coworker around: Check these signs:

  1. They are envious: They are envious about the success you get which they think they deserve without working. They would be envious about why people like you, they would be envious about anything and everything. They usually would be good on face but make a group of people against you. They would be your watchdog; here, there and everywhere.
  2. They are dishonest and scheming: They would lie about you or over exaggerate the situations and incidences. They would scheme around using either their power or emotions. They will take credit of your work and if they can’t do that they would dilute the attention you would receive doing the genuine work.
  3. They thrive on gossip: Gossip mongers have make believe world. Few people can sell their soul to gossip and demean other people. A little bit of gossip between friends at work is common but thriving on it is treacherous. Jealous coworkers would rip off your character and morality if they don’t get a piece of news to harm you. Jealous coworkers would always have more people to talk to because ‘information’ is what they want., by hook or by crook!
  4. They suck up: Some workers would have good relationship with higher authorities, and that might be crucial. However few people take that too far, impressing the higher ups rather than actually working and achieving results. Never trust these kinds of coworkers, they would never lift you up. The boss pet would always do anything to be in his good books. Person with caliber will never want to be anyone’s pet. Let the work speak!
  5. Vibes don’t lie: If your guts tell you they don’t like you, they don’t. Trust your instinct. If you feel something is fishy in their behavior towards you but you cannot explain others, stop it! You are only wasting your energy. Keep watch, though.
  6. They assume unauthorized power: Even if they don’t have the powers, they would always show it and behave likewise. They would fake confidence, use loud tone, be authoritative, boast around subordinates, create lobby and would always show different face in front of higher ups.
  7. They will sugar it up: The ones who are jealous towards you will always sugar you up but spice up others towards you.  There would always be lack of trust with them. People who talk to you about others will talk about you to others.
  8. They’re just a symptom of a negative workplace culture: Always remember if your work place is giving too much importance to these kind of people may be there is an issue with the core principle on what they work. A jealous coworker is just a peanut or a drop in an ocean but a senior manager encouraging it is a real problem.

 The hardest part of  dealing the jealous coworker is keeping check on self-emotions. If we become defensive or react angrily we might become prey  to the trap they have set. Resist the temptation to react verbally, show it in your results.

 Let your work speak before your mouth!

 Happy Working

From the desk of Human Resource Manager

Reena Bhansali


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