Life of a Psychologist

We deal with confused youth, problematic kids, over expectations by parents, manipulators, obsessed lovers, liars, betrayers, psicologo-300x240over thinkers, depressed, psychological issues, suicide planners, potential criminals and what not. People don’t contact us to share happy thoughts, we are rarely in their happy phase! We get to see sufferings, tears, heartaches and personality break downs, we unhappiness and dark secrets and fantasies of people. People call us at odd hours be it early morning or late night, they don’t expect us to be enjoying, they want our attention 24 by 7, they stalk us at our home to get appointment when they want, they are no sorry when they miss on appointments but they give you guilt when you are unwell and postpone it! They can pay lakhs of rup3D white people. Psychologistees on things, buy from branded showrooms, eat at 5 stars but meager fees are pain for them.

We are professionals, even NGO, Defense, Doctors, lawyers or any service industry earn rather earn big way! The least we expect is acceptance of this important profession as mainstream profession and not stigmatized, not laughed upon and not being judged! 

A medical professional deal with one organ, mental health professionals deal with head and heart both. A small error there might cost a life. We all know suicide doesn’t kill people, sadness kill them. Dealing with these patients is an herculean task! 

Let’s respect every profession! Let’s respect the Counselor in your life!

From the Desk of 

Dr Reena Bhansali

Counseling Psychologist 



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