Space is good but being spaced out in love is not!!

Space is good but being spaced out in love is not!! Check out where your relationship is heading!

  1. When yoineedsomespaceur care is interference.
  2. When they pick up fight on small small things.
  3. When you are not part of their routine
  4. When you fear communicating.
  5. When they don’t understand your stressors, instead be one of it.
  6. When they doubt on your motives and character without having proofs.
  7. When they spend more time pointing out what they haven’t done opposed to what they have.
  8. The qualities that originally attracted them to you, now repel them.
  9. Repetitive arguments.
  10. Infidelity. Just don’t.
  11. Name-calling, sarcasm, shouting, and ridicule
  12. When the word divorce/Break up appears in your mind, more than often.
  13. When you cry out and they arent available to wipe your tears.
  14. When you feel emotionally drained and cannot discuss with them.
  15. When your gut tells you it’s over.

Despite indicators of breakdown, if both partners are willing, every relationship can be repaired. For most, it’s worth it. Fight for your relationship with the same totality as when you first fell in love.

But always remember, if one person wants it and other has lost it, it not worth it!!!

From the desk of 

Dr Reena Bhansali

Counseling Psychologist 


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