Where are we heading: – Directionless Nation

Just yesterday we read in newspaper a youth throwing acid on his dream girl for not accepting thifUIPdSf-s proposal, sms threats, fake profiles on social networking site, over sale of sleeping pills, MMS and what not.

 When students die of exam pressure every year the board is questioned, the authorities are blamed, protest by Parents but who is protesting this downfall of our nation.

 Are we even aware what’s happening in our Youth life, we put spy cams or spy detectors to keep check on our spouse’s extra marital. We need this to check the depth and bonding of our love? The unfortunate part is we take help of our youth in this. What are we teaching them?

 Here we have smart youths fighting for IIT’s IIM’s from the age of 14-15, on the other hand we have youths who can guide you on brand of liquor and cigarette which are more addictive and easily available in budget, girls who know which pill to take to avoid pregnancy or what hospital to go for abortions.

 I can never forget my last couple of Seminars and lectures where boys and girls asked me such questions so confidently in presence of their teachers, I was shocked though in a way it showed how confident are our “I know it all” youths.

 The problem lies within us, we teach them from cradle, we don’t stop their anger and frustration when they yell on their grandma’s and pa’s or when they punch their young cousins. This joint family culture, when deteriorated took many things with them. We set our own rules, when they steal a small thing we smile it off, when they take money from father’s pocket we save them 100 times and what we produce is a kleptomaniac.

 When he yells first time on their dad we have tears in eyes thinking that finally we have some supporter but when they scold us for their wife we talk on culture. Where, finally where will we stop?? We say 100 things about our boss and their teachers and how they can be handled in one phone call and what will they learn, do we ever realize.

 Life comes in circle what we taught them will come back to us the only point is we didn’t mean direct harm but we contributed along with the other charismatic negatives our youth is exposed to.

 We switch off channels when they show about victims or terrorism for our favorite shows and we expect child to be a good citizen, where will they learn care, compassion, empathy, and ethics. Do we have the answer? I doubt. Yes we have many things to blame, the western culture, the media, globalization and what not. Can we sit and just retrospect, who know we might help ourselves and our Youth. Let’s stop producing a volcanic emotionally frustrated low self esteem puppets to luxuries, lets join hands and give this nation a true, smart, compassionate, focused, ethical and most importantly smiling future generation.

 From the desk of 

Dr Reena Bhansali 

Counseling Psychologist 








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